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Heading into Night
The Cherry Arts

“The spatial relationship between Passer and Will engaging and heart-wrenching…. DeVary plays the mysterious mover very well, providing both comedic relief and built-in set changes effortlessly...He draws attention without taking focus off Passer, which creates a strong character balance between the two.”  - Lyndsey Honor, Ithaca Times


Antony and Cleopatra
Ithaca Shakespeare Company

“...[T]wo key characters were not only distinct but marvelously acted: NYC-based Andrew Ryan Perry as Antony and Will DeVary as ambitious Octavian, the new Caesar. Both men inhabited their roles thoroughly, in every gesture and expression; the struggle between these two historical titans truly came alive. Their conviction was so powerful that they carried the action...” - Barbara Adams, Ithaca Times


The Fan
The Cherry Arts

“Giannina is in love with the cobbler Crispino... performed with spot on comedic timing by Will DeVary.” - Natasha Ashley, Broadway World Central New York

Henry V
Kentucky Shakespeare Festival

“And while we don’t expect to take the French Dauphin seriously, I can’t remember him ever being as funny as Will DeVary’s skilled buffoonery here.” - Keith Waits, Arts Louisville

"Meanwhile, the members of the French royal court....dismiss [Henry] as a serious threat in a delicious scene played with breezy confidence by…Will DeVary as the Dauphin (whose preoccupation with his horse is just one of the delights of this play)." - Marty Rosen, LEO Weekly


Ithaca College Theatre Arts

“In one delightful scene, Everybody enthusiastically embraces a friend he hasn’t seen in ages, rattling off predictable patter.” - Barbara Adams, Ithaca Times


Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
Kentucky Shakespeare Festival

"[O]ther estimable work is delivered by...Will DeVary. All are excellent." - Keith Waits, Arts Louisville

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