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Henry V
Kentucky Shakespeare Festival

“And while we don’t expect to take the French Dauphin seriously, I can’t remember him ever being as funny as Will DeVary’s skilled buffoonery here.” - Keith Waits, Arts Louisville

"Meanwhile, the members of the French royal court....dismiss [Henry] as a serious threat in a delicious scene played with breezy confidence by…Will DeVary as the Dauphin (whose preoccupation with his horse is just one of the delights of this play)." - Marty Rosen, LEO Weekly


The Fan
The Cherry Arts

“Giannina is in love with the cobbler Crispino... performed with spot on comedic timing by Will DeVary.” - Natasha Ashley, Broadway World Central New York


Ithaca College Theatre Arts

“In one delightful scene, Everybody enthusiastically embraces a friend he hasn’t seen in ages, rattling off predictable patter.” - Barbara Adams, Ithaca Times


Richard III
Commonwealth Theatre Center

“In the titular role, Will DeVary is engaging and downright likable from the very top of the show... His Richard is sneaky and manipulative, then boyishly giddy once he receives the crown, then floundering as he buckles under the pressure of a looming war...a ruler you can’t trust but find yourself rooting for all the same.”

- Kate Barry, Arts Louisville 

"Will DeVary’s approach to Richard was cunningly crafted to create an unusually intimate bond with a ruthless man.” - Marty Rosen, LEO Weekly


Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
Kentucky Shakespeare Festival

"[O]ther estimable work is delivered by...Will DeVary. All are excellent." - Keith Waits, Arts Louisville