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Who Can I Be Now?

Well, I'm uh. I'm Will. If the whole, "name of the website thing" didn't give it away too easily. I'm a deeply curious, semi-adventurous goofball with a penchant for following my passions wherever they may lead me. I was born, and promptly created my first piece of performance art, which consisted of myself, bloody and naked screaming at the top of my infant lungs. Of course, I was sued for copyright infringement by the Artaud estate, and subsequently have made my artistic thievery much more difficult to notice. Since then, I have spent the majority of my life by the ever churning Ohio River, splitting my time between the Louisville metro area and my college home in Ithaca, New York! Now, I live in New York City, and I'm so happy to be here!

Get to know me!

My recent "Hello Chautauqua!" video project for Chautauqua Theatre Company, where I try to introduce myself in less than two minutes. It gets very silly very quickly. Then there's Shakespeare, because....of course there is.

will devary

Following a not so successful six month collaboration with a water bug in my ear (gotta love a cryptic origin story), I began acting professionally at the age of eleven, the prime age to be corrupted by the siren song of theatre. Since then, I have been fortunate to work as an actor, director, and dramaturg, with special interest in new play development and heightened text, working on Greek tragedy to world premieres, and everything in between! When not playing pretend, you can usually find me reading yet another book about the life of Billy Shakes, hiking in the forests of (insert current adventure zone), or just being lost in my thoughts, enjoying the beauty and strangeness of the world.

Some Personal Favs

Font: Futura

Movies: Phantom Thread, Chimes at Midnight, Ran, The Royal Tenenbaums, Drive My Car

Books (Fiction): The Count of Monte Cristo, The Nickel Boys, Brave New World, The Brothers Karamazov, What We Lose

Books (Non-Fiction): Zealot1599, Passing StrangeThe Dawn of Everything, The Aesthetics of the Oppressed

Plays: Henry IV Part 2, Father Comes Home from the Wars, Where the Mountains Meet the Sea, Heroes of the Fourth Turning, We're Gonna Die

Artists: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Mark Rothko, William Blake, Artemisia Gentileschi, Kehinde Wiley, Marina Abramovic

Musicians: David Bowie, Mitski, Yves Tumor, Tom Waits, Scott Walker

Bands: The Magnetic Fields, Black Country New Roads, Death Grips

Portraits of Shakespeare: Sanders, Hilliard, Chess Players, Chandos, Buttery

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