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The Fan

by Carlo Goldoni
Adapted by Samuel Buggeln

The Cherry Arts

September 2020

Director - Samuel Buggeln

Stage Manager - Maggie Lapinski 

Sound Designer - Lesley Greene 

Costume Design Team - Lisa Boquist, Olivia Kirschbaum, Pelle Melio, Sasha Oliveau 

Mask Designer - Edith McCrea 

Choreographer - Kaitlyn Jackson 

Scenic Artist - Joy Lionel 

Scenic Construction - Greg Carlson 

Movement Coach - Rachel Lampert 

Assistant Director - Noah Elman

“Giannina is in love with the cobbler Crispino... performed with spot on comedic timing by Will DeVary.” - Natasha Ashley, Broadway World Central New York

Click HERE to read the full review, talking about my incredible and super talented friends!! Or if you would like to watch a recording of the full production, click HERE!
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