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the mover
Heading into Night

co-devised by Beth F. Milles and Daniel Passer

The Cherry Arts

Spring 2023

Director - Beth F. Milles

Stage Managers - Jennifer Schilansky, Quin Frederich

Assistant Director - Sarah Plotkin

Sound Designer - Cristian Amigo

Lighting Design - Ashely Crespo

Costume Designer - Márion Talán De La Rosa

Props- Tim Ostrander, Mia Jumbo

Flight Consultant - Amy Cohen

Rigger - Joshua Letton

“The spatial relationship between Passer and Will engaging and heart-wrenching…. DeVary plays the mysterious mover very well, providing both comedic relief and built-in set changes effortlessly...He draws attention without taking focus off Passer, which creates a strong character balance between the two.” - Lyndsey Honor, Ithaca Times

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